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The two powerful tools of the modern revolution, working together for you, come work with us and grow with us. Come Be Shine!

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Shine Chain

About Us

Working together for you,come work and grow with us. Come Be Shine!

Decentralized Network

A decentralized and secure POS network, perfect for validators, offering attractive rewards and constant innovation.

Ai Shine Wallet

AI Shine Wallet: Your all-in-one crypto manager. Secure, intuitive, and AI-powered for the ultimate crypto experience.

Ai Shine Rocket

Shine Rocket: The future of crypto project launches. AI-powered, all-inclusive platform for devs, making launching easy and profitable.

Shine School

Shine School: Bridging the AI & blockchain skills gap. Empowering future tech leaders through education at Biopark.

Crowdfunding Platform

Smart Money incentive package for project creators to launch their project safely and effectively.

Shine Market Cap

With a focus on helping investors make the best decisions, we will bring Shine Market Cap with insights, charts, and projections generated by our AI.

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Video Explanation of Shine chain Ecosystem

Our focus is to simplify mechanisms with the best technology available for developers and investors.

Shine Chain


SC20 Cryptocurrency - The Heart of SHINE CHAIN Now that we have explored the ideology of the fusion between AI and blockchain and understood the benefits of Proof of Stake (PoS), let's enter the universe of SC20 cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is the core of our network, powering all its operations and transactions. l SC20 has a total supply of 21,000,000 tokens. However, the coin launch is strategically planned. Initially, 3,000,000 (3%) will be minted. The next printing will only take place after 12 months to pay validators and stake rewards. This flexibility allows us to adjust supply according to the needs of the network and investors. The team will receive 25% of what is sold on Latoken divided into 10%/Month. Note: What is not sold or used in the Stake goes to the Development Wallet.

Latoken IEO 1,250,000







Road Map

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Jun/2022 Start of SHINE CHAIN planning.

Nov/2022 Raized 500,000 with private investors

Feb/2023 Start development of Blockchain v1.0.

Jun/2023 Delivery of functional Blockchain v1.0.

Aug/2023 Delivery of Shine Wallet APK v1.0.

Oct/2023 Start of IEO campaign on Latoken.

Nov/2023 Opening of Shine School at Biopark.

Dec/2023 Start development of DEX and CEX.

Jan/2024 Launch of SC20 on Latoken, Shine Dex Launch.

Fev/2024 Launch on BSC crossbridge of SC20.

Apr/2024 Launch of SC20 on CEX and Shine Bank.

May/2024 Start development of Shine Rocket.

Jun/2024 Start implementing A.I. in our Wallet.

Oct/2024 Launch of Shine Rocket v1.0.

Nov/2024 Completion of Wallet implementations.


Shine Chain

Shine School

A laboratory located in the technological city of Biopark to train Information Technology technicians in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology.

Biopark Assistance

Professional Career

Skill Enhancement

House to Foreign Students

Shine Chain

frequently asked questions

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we answer common questions about Shine Chain, Shine School, and more. If your question isn't here, email us. We're here to help.

Answer: Shine Chain is a blockchain platform that combines blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI). It offers a range of services, including staking, trading, portfolio management, and more.

Answer: To get started with Shine Chain, you can download our official wallet app, create an account, and transfer your assets to the wallet for secure storage and management.

Answer: Shine Rocket is a platform that automates the launch of cryptocurrency projects. It can create websites, whitepapers, logos, and even handle pre-sales, making it easy for developers to launch their projects.

Answer: Validators who support our ecosystem will have their assets locked in smart contracts for five years, earning them 1% monthly interest in SC20. This provides a potential for substantial returns.

Answer: You can contact our support team through our official website, via email, or on our social media channels. We are here to answer your questions and provide technical support.

Answer: To join Shine School, please get in touch with our team to explore the possibility of coming to Brazil and professionalizing yourself for 12 months free of charge. This includes covering all basic expenses, such as accommodation within the Biopark complex. We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

Answer: Shine Wallet is a digital wallet that offers features such as staking, trading, AI portfolio management, and market insights. It acts as your personal fund manager in the palm of your hand.

Answer: Shine DEX is a decentralized exchange, while Shine CEX is a centralized exchange currently in development. DEX allows direct wallet-to-wallet trading, while CEX will offer additional functionalities.

Answer: Our roadmap includes the launch of Shine CEX, strategic partnerships, global expansion, and continuous improvement of our tools and services.

Answer: Yes, Shine Rocket supports third-party projects' launches. Please contact us to discuss options and details of the project launch process.

Answer: Security is a top priority. We use advanced encryption technologies and security protocols to protect users' assets. Validators also have their funds locked in secure smart contracts.

Answer: To be a Shine Chain validator you must have at least 1000 SC20, the rewards range from 2.5% to 5% with the stake locked between 6 months to 5 years.